Dylan & Kelly – Dundurn Castle – Hamilton, Ontario Wedding Photographer

Dylan and Kelly (well especially Kelly) are planners – perhaps that is why we get along so well 🙂 .  They have dreams and aspirations and work hard towards achieving them and don’t let what others may see as hiccups or inconveniences stand in their way.  So almost a year and a half ago, when they decided they wanted to get married,  they didn’t waste any time to begin their new life together.  They instead celebrated their love soon after their engagement with an intimate ceremony at city hall.  Fast forward to this June and now Dylan and Kelly had everything perfectly planned to celebrate their marriage with all of their family and friends.

The one thing that they could not arrange for was the perfect weather.  But being the planners that they are, they were prepared for the accurate rainy forecast and instead of seeing it as a problem, they embraced the rain.    As I headed out to shoot their big day I was feeling a bit bummed about the weather, but now looking back through their images I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!  Not only did this couple embrace the rain, but they looked absolutely gorgeous doing so!

Kelly was the most beautiful bride.  From her stunning lace edged dress and veil, to her exquisite hand crafted earrings and of course her awesome jewel studded shoes.   From head to toe she was absolutely gorgeous!

Kelly was determined not to let rain dampen her wedding day. She embraced the weather she was given and collected a pair of Hunter boots for herself and each of her bridesmaids.  Stay tuned below for some of my favourite shots from this wedding featuring the Hunters!

I must say that Dylan looked pretty stellar too!  I love the simplicity and classiness of a black suit and tie – great pick Dylan!

Dylan & Kelly’s ceremony was a true celebration of their love. Even though they were reaffirming their vows to each other, they were just as excited  (if not even more 🙂 ) as any couple who was doing so for the very first time.  Very few couples are lucky enough to have as part of their love story marrying the love of their life twice.

You may remember Dylan & Kelly from their gorgeous, in my opinion,  fall engagement session.  These two were naturals in front of the camera then and they brought it again for their big day!


I heart these rain boots!

You two looked absolutely stunning!

Congratulations again Dylan & Kelly on your big white wedding day! I’m so glad you embraced the rain; may the downpours that were a part of your wedding day represent how you will always be showered with blessings of much love and happiness in your life together!

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