Inspiration – Time & Space – Greener Pastures Eco Farm, Woodstock Ontario Photographer

** A little note about this series I’m titling Inspiration.  As an artist I am so blessed to use my talents to create for all of my beautiful clients.  As I move further along in business I am learning the importance of crafting and creating for myself both in photography and with other mediums as a way of filling my creative well from which I can draw for both personal and client inspiration.  This series will be place I can share these  sessions with you; where you will see me stretching my creative muscles, learning and trying new things.  All of these sessions began with a fictional story so that there would be purpose and intention to all of the imagery.  I hope that the messages of love, hope and purpose will bring encouragement and inspiration to you all. Enjoy!**

Being young and in love they never believed they would ever want anything different for their lives.  Freshly graduated, finally married to their high school sweetheart and beginning their business careers in the heart of the big city they felt as if all of their dreams were coming true.  And then, a surprise positive sign on a pregnancy test, the first ultrasound that revealed not one but two little miracles and life as they knew it would be forever changed.  Boxes were hurriedly packed from their bachelor apartment near the financial district to a townhouse near a park with swings and a slide.  Late work evenings were exchanged for late night feedings, office meeting for play dates and business trips for family vacations.  Life was good, but they both felt their heart for their family’s future slowly shifting towards one of time and space.

Growing their family somewhere along the way became more important than their moving up the career ladder.   This time around it took a little longer which gave them the opportunity to keep dreaming.  With the positive test would come another move; however this time their hearts told them they needed to leave the big city, their careers and the life path they had once created together.  The longing of their hearts for time and space to grow their family, to nurture their relationships and for their children to play and imagine and dream didn’t quite fit within the city limits.

A bigger moving truck moved them down the highway, far from the city lights to the rolling hills and starlit skies.  They were uncertain about how it would all work, but were confident it was the right decision.  As they unpacked their boxes and began creating their home in a tiny white farm house they dreamed of the life their family would have here.  Of the time they would spend sipping sweet tea watching their children laugh, dream, and play in a place where the grass was fresh and the air fresher.  They prepared the nursery and the land at the same time so that they and all of their children could learn to celebrate sustainability and the time and space it takes to live with rich purpose and intentionality.  This farm would offer them the freedom to dictate their own schedules, to embrace the natural rhythms of the earth, the harvest and of replenishment without the obligation to technology and hustle.  This space would allow them to join their children in their day dreams and to encourage them live with wild imaginations.

They were finally home and all that was ahead of them was time and space; to live a life that was as big and open as they wanted to create it to be.


A huge thank-you goes out to Carl & Andrea of Greener Pastures Eco Farm for letting us use their beautiful farm to shoot this session.  Your land and own story were such an inspiration to me as we worked on creating this story.  I cannot wait to see how God will continue to bless your family as you continue to seek greener pastures!

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