Joy – Southwestern Ontario Maternity and Newborn Photographer

The definition of joy is: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.  The beautiful love story that you see below is one where joy came before the exceptionally good or satisfying “thing”.  This love story is one where joy was chosen and lived and loved in waiting; in faith kept that God would answer prayers, heal heartache and mould this family onto the path He had for them, in His own way and in His time.

Karina is one of my dearest friends, a fellow teller of beautiful love stories and one of the most happy people I know.  Her personality is bright and colourful and the word joyful would have been a word I would have used to describe her at the start of their becoming a family of three journey and throughout; even when she was having to choose joy instead of experiencing it as a result of something exceptionally good.  She has inspired me to see beyond my current circumstances and not allow them to influence the state of my heart; to choose joy and love and look for them in the everyday.

All these photos are my representation of not just the joy in the journey to and birth of a child, but more so  how literally choosing joy was the greatest gift this family could ever receive – their own perfect Olivia JoyKurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3281Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3279Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3278Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3280Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3285Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3290Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3284Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3287Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3293Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3288Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3289Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3286Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3292Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3291
Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3295Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3262Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3263Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3264Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3269Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3266Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3267Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3268Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3271Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3270Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3272Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3277Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3298Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3240Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3245Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3248Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3246Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3244Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3242Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3247Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3241Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3243Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3252Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3251Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3255Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3250Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3257Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3258Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3259Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3253Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3256Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3254Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3260Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3364Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3365Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3368Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3369Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3371Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3366Kurtz-Orchard-Wedding-Photographer_3367View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

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  • Karina Vaandering - Carolyn!! This post is so beautiful! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I am so thankful for you and your support in prayers and love throughout our journey!! These photos are SOOOOO special to me. I am so grateful. I am smiling so big right now!! Thank you!

  • Jessica Van Zwol - These are wonderful! Yes, this is a truly Joy-filled family 🙂

  • Megan Huggins - LOVE!! such a beautiful story to tell 🙂

  • Monica Hodges Sweeney - These images are stunning!! I know Karina will cherish them forever! Great work!!

  • Liesje JV - Thank you Carolyn! So in love with these photos! You take them just the way Karina loves….and what a beautiful story to match! I love your talents and know God is using them for others benefit. So happy to see cute little Olivia with her mom and dad at the end of the story!!