Nic & Allie – London, Ontario Wedding Photographer

These two are getting married tomorrow!!!  And in honour of that I thought I would share a piece of their love story with you all!

Nic and Allie were snuggling on the couch in their first home after dinner one evening when Nic started fiddling with a ring on Allie’s right hand.  This ring was one he had given to her years before, as a way of telling her he loved her then.  As he studied this ring, he told her that she should really be wearing it on her other hand – as a way of telling other guys she was spoken for – even if it was “unofficially” :).  Allie teased back that she wasn’t going to do that because the diamond wasn’t big enough for her left hand.  At that moment he slipped off the couch, onto one knee and pulled out the bigger diamond he had been hiding in his pocket and asked Allie if this this one would do.

Tomorrow Nic gets to add one more ring to Allie’s finger and Allie gets to give one to Nic too.  These rings will not only indicate to the rest of the world that they are each other’s beloveds, but they symbolize the eternity they will spend loving one another.

I can’t wait to celebrate the beginning of your marriage with you both!!


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